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“How we are handling Covid-19”

In light of the Movement Control Order declared by the Malaysian government, Ideas Academy is closed and our team is unavailable on-site until further notice. Nevertheless, we are determined to do the best we can to continue helping our students.

Since 4th April, our dedicated teachers have transitioned to online learning classes.
Our headteacher, Ms Jain, describes the online learning experience as very heart warming so far.
“Since day one, our students were eager to continue learning. All of them logged in on time, remained attentive and kept their focus throughout the lessons.” Zoom is used to conduct lessons, while Google Classroom is utilised to provide our students with learning materials and assignments. Currently, connection issues remain the biggest obstacle, but it has not stopped teachers and students from carrying on.

Our senior teacher, Ms Metilda, is very optimistic that virtual learning will become the norm at Ideas Academy. “By adapting what was once a conventional field with technology, we can integrate with our students’ world and provide what they need in a way that they are interested in.” She explains that students are more interested to complete their assignments on apps like google docs, rather than on paper.

As such, we are currently working on our own online learning platform, which will be an integrated part of our curriculum. This platform will allow us to support our students both offline and online.

Thanks to The Lost Food Project and Mercy Malaysia, we have been able to supply 122 of our students with both cooked and dry food. Our General Manager, Mr Ananda, also engaged in his own fundraising efforts to help even more students in need. According to Ms Cyndia, our Administrative Officer, the food distribution has been “going very well so far. Our students eat the food immediately after receiving it so we can only imagine how hungry they are”. Currently, we can provide our students with only one daily meal. However, with the continued help of generous donors, such as yourself, we hope to be able to increase that to two meals per day.



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