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“I believe that one opportunity is all it takes to change someone's life, and my opportunity was Ideas Academy who came knocking on my door after years of no hopes and series of failure. I grabbed on to it with all my might because I knew that it would be the stage which will completely develop and change my life and be a mature person.

Ideas Academy was not only a school but it was also a family for me where I found my goals and hopes in with the help of the teachers who nudged me and the students to find our future career paths. They guided us in the most important transition in our lives from childhood to adolescence, following us through every important stage of our development. They did not only watch us grow but they also helped us to grow. Ideas Academy would not have succeeded without the teacher's pride, optimism and joy. IGCSE  was only a dream for me but after 3 years of studying and learning at Ideas Academy I was able to achieve my dream and gain high marks. Now here I'm in Australia as a year 12 student looking at my developed present self and thanking Ideas Academy for every single thing that they have provided for me to be in this high position.”

Ateeba, Ideas Academy Alumni July 5, 2019


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